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Avslutat resetema men påbörjat källkritik- och diskussionstema

Vårt tema fick ett litet abrupt slut. Eleverna hade lovat att publicera deras domumentärfilmer från flygplatsen men tyvärr har vi inte haft tillgång till skolans ipad. Vi på högstadiet har inga egna iPads utan har fått låna av mellanstadiet. Under ett par veckor har jag letat efter paddorna och när jag väl hittade dem var våra projekt raderade – visserligen av misstag av en annan lärare. Det blir ju så när man bara har ett begränsat antal att arbeta med.


Eleverna har nu fått påbörja ett nytt arbetsområde istället. De ska träna på diskussionsfraser på engelska och vi har även inlett ett källkritiskt arbete i samma projekt. Det ska eleverna fortsätta blogga runt istället.  Arbetet kommer att ha olika arbetsformer såsom drama, digitala projekt och vanliga läs- och skrivuppgifter.



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Trailer – Ängelholm Airport


We have made a short trailer from our visit. We went through security check and had a look at the bagage space. Unfortunately didn’t we see any planes land or arrive but one was parked with labels saying ”remove before flight”. we saw firetrucks and we tried the water spout. It was pretty fun being at the airport but the time ran away quickly.

Music: DangerZone – a cover by Leo (from Top Gun the movie)


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We were suppose to work but…

…we got interrupted! Why? Someone started the fire alarm. Not only once but twice. We therefore do not prepare so many questions before the study visit. We still have a lot to do. However, we keep you posted in the beginning of next week. Our teacher might post something after our visit to Ängelholm.

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Hello again

We are preparing our visit to Ängelholm airport. Today we have been devided into three groups and we are going to make a v-log. V-log is a video log in case you didn’t know. We have to focus on a few things such as

  • Prepare questions to people we meet
  • focus on angles, light, sounds, cool and interesting stuff (not bushes, paintings or other unnessessary things).
  • The v-log has to be educating and show what happens on an ordinary day at the airport.

We will continue our planning on thursday. See you then!

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Dialogue 3

At check in…

A: Good day sir where are you heading?

S: I am heading to London.

A: Do you have any luggage?

S Yes i have a backpack.

A: May i see your passport?

S: Yes, here.

A: Thank you, Here is your boarding pass and passport.

S: And i have a question, Is the flight on time?

A: Yes your flight is on schedule and you should be able to board it in 20 minutes.


At the metal detector and x-ray…


A: Hello do you have any knives or liquids in your bag?

S: No i don’t have any liquids or knives.

A: Okay please put your backpack in the plastic bin and walk through the metal detector.

S: Okay.

A: Seems clear.


On the plane…


S: Excuse me, could i get something to drink?

A: Yes what do you want?

S: I would like a bottle of Pepsi please.

A: Here you go that will be 1 dollar.

S: Okay.


While landing…


A: Welcome to London we are going to land in a soon so fasten your seat belts and get prepared to land.

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Dialogue 2

A travel to Dubai to meet her best friend

At bag check in…

E   Agent: Hello, how many bags are you checking in?

G   Rebecca: Just one

E   Agent: May I see your passport please?

G   Rebecca: Yes here you go

E   Agent: Thanks, where are you flying today?

G   Rebecca: I’m traveling to Dubai to meet my parents

E   Agent: Okay, here’s your passport and all the information you need, have a nice flight

G   Rebecca: Okay, thanks have a nice day


While eating food….    Rebecca is just sitting eating here food when she sees..

G   Rebecca: Hey, Becky

E   Becky: OOOHH, Hi hunie

G   Rebecca: Where are flying today?

E    Becky: Am actually flying to dubai, it’s such a surprise to see you here at the airport,       

     what are you doing here?    

G    Rebecca: I’m actually flying to dubai to, am meeting my parents

E    Becky: Oh what a surprise, we might see each other on the plane

G    Rebecca: Yee, if we are going on the same one are we?



Looks at boarding pass…

E   Becky:I’m going to gate B25

G   Rebecca:AAAHHH meeee tooooo omg what a accident!!!!????????

E   Becky: YEESSS, what seat number do you have??

G   Rebecca: 36A

E   Becky:OAHHH I’m sitting on 36B

G   Rebecca: Oahh that’s going to be sooo fun,


On the plane……

Rebecca clicked on the flight attendant button on the roof  


G  Flight attendant: What do you need?

G  Rebecca: May I have something to drink?

E  Becky: Me too?

G  Flight attendant: Yes of course, which drink do you ladies want?

G  Rebecca: I take a cola, please

G  Flight attendant: Ok,and you?

E  Becky: I’ll take a Fanta

G  Flight attendant: Okey, coming right up.


In the taxi alone….

E  Taxi driver: Hey, where are you going today

G  Rebecca: I’m going to my hotel, it’s on Chapter Road 14

E  Taxi driver: Okey

G  Rebecca: How long will that take, I told my parents I would be there in 1h

E  Taxi driver: It’s plenty of time we will be there in 30 minutes


Now the traveling is all over and Rebecca is home with her parents


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Dialogue 1



k  Today Jake Johnson are going to fly to Canada. Now he is at the airport checking his in bags.


k-Hello may I take your bags sir? Said the girl behind desk.


a-Yes please, when do I get my ticket? Said Jake.


k-You can have your ticket now, may I see your passport?


k Dick hands over his passport to the girl.


k-Thank you, here’s your ticket. Have a nice flight!


k Jake is about to go to the plane, but first he has to go through the x-ray.


a- You must have this box and put your belt, watch, phone and anything that’s metallic on you. Said the X-ray guard.


a Just when he walks pass the x-ray It starting to beep.


a The guard stopped him and put him to the side and started to xray-control him with the scanner.


k-It seems like you got something in your pants… You have to take it out or we will have to do it with force.


a-I don’t know… ahhhhh I know what it is… It’s my protection pouch… Well this is awkward… I didn’t know that I had to take that off to.


k-Well… I don’t wanna know or ask why you got that so I gotta let you go. Next time you take it off, ok?


a-Well… Bye!


k Mr.Jake is now heading to terminal C9.

When he arrived at the terminal he went to the pass control and he walked into the plane.


k When they was in the air a flight attendants asked:


k -May I offer for some nuts or candy?


a -Sure!

What kind of nuts is it? asked Jake.


k-It’s peanuts, you want some?


a-Yes, I can take some peanuts please! said Jake.


a It turned out that Jake was allergic to peanuts and he didn’t know about that.

No one had a drug against peanut allergic and it ended with they had to call an ambulance but I don’t know how it went.


      The end


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We have been writing dialogues but some haven’t done anything. The ones who have made dialogues were pretty nice. Next time we are going to listen to people that speak English from other countries.



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We have been writing our own dialogues in English that has to do with travels. You see, we are going to visit an airport. It is only thirty minutes bus ride to Ängelholm. We are going get educated in how an ordinary life looks like at the airport and also watching firemen work. Maybe if we are lucky we might try it ourselves. We are going to interview an retired pilot too. Maybe even a stewardess or something like that…


See you guys later!

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English update

All of us travel some time. In march we are going to Ängelholms airport for a visit. It will be much interesting. It will be cool. In Digilär there is a section that says travel and one that is called inventiones. These two are combined into one section.  We are practising listening too by listening to people who are not from england or untied states. Some of them come from other countries but speak english. Even we sound better then them bbut it’s good to learn to understand all types of english. When we travel we meet people with poor english.

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