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Månad: februari 2018


We have been writing our own dialogues in English that has to do with travels. You see, we are going to visit an airport. It is only thirty minutes bus ride to Ängelholm. We are going get educated in how an ordinary life looks like at the airport and also watching firemen work. Maybe if we are lucky we might try it ourselves. We are going to interview an retired pilot too. Maybe even a stewardess or something like that…


See you guys later!

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English update

All of us travel some time. In march we are going to Ängelholms airport for a visit. It will be much interesting. It will be cool. In Digilär there is a section that says travel and one that is called inventiones. These two are combined into one section.  We are practising listening too by listening to people who are not from england or untied states. Some of them come from other countries but speak english. Even we sound better then them bbut it’s good to learn to understand all types of english. When we travel we meet people with poor english.

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Paper plane

We have an assignment. We are going to make our own paper plane. It is not a simple as we thought. To follow instructions in English is hard but it’s cool that there are free guides on the net.

We folded many times but it worked eventueally. In science class we talked about the priciple of flight. We combined that with our english lessons. We was having exercises to talk using words you need when you travel. Airplanes and other flight related things are phascenading inventions.

We asked if we could work with this. We taught the class about how to make your own airplane and what makes it fly. This is the last lesson before the spring break.

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Today we have been answering questions to a website about inventions. Some of the inventions are very useful but some of them we wonder why they even where invented.

After that we’ve been practicing dialogs. We work with travel expressions.

If we work well we might do something fun. Perhap making our own paper planes.

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